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Friday, October 17, 2008


Well my plot has been taken apart by the people in my own community. They have moved on site with no tenancy agreement. Ripped out all of our hard work by removing all the raised beds which were dug in levelled and manured all by hand. Ripped out the fence which was erected by my husband. Lifted out the entire shed and all its contents. Taken the compost bins, hose pipes, ground covering and plants.
My tears were met by foul language and abuse from the men and women who sat around my shed on their plot drinking lager and cider and smoking cigarettes.
One woman screaming in my face dont call me a thief while she had my shed that my husband bought for me on my Birthday.
Its not the value of the items or money, its the hard work and the toil. Its also the little bit of escape that I had, gone taken away.
Not that I could go there now along side that intimidating group with their dogs and their drunken behaviour.
My children cant believe it as theft normally means your things are gone. They are all there to see with new owners justifying what they have done by saying I havent been there!
I am more saddened by the fact that my community is riddled with this drinking, work shy skiving, low life who believe they can just take what they want. As if paying their benefits as a tax payer is not enough.
I dont want my children to grow up around this mentality. I fear for my community and I am going to fight back.
I will prosecute and persue this, the police have already been and so has the council.
The newspapers are next and my local MP.
I am not going to take this and let them get away with it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This is my shed on another plot

Vandalism, theft, this is my allotment

This is my plot, This picture has my wood stacked by another plot holder. Today he has erected my fence on his plot.

My allotment has been ransacked. The shed taken and put on another plot. The waste land is actually my plot as all the raised beds have been lifted the floor covering gone. The fence taken and the other pictures are of the plots with my things on them close by.

This is my ripped out gate, that my husband made for me.
And on the left this is my rolled up fence ready to be used on this plot.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

OH Britsh weather!!

Just when I was ready to burst into it all the weather stopped me in my tracks. I had planned for manure to be delivered late I know but it was meant well, I had planned to make new paths and my big tub of seeds are waiting. The weather has just turned arctic the ground is frozen solid and it is face numbing. I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to the cold. It is also thick with fog. I intend to move abroad to join my dear best friend when I am older and I will grow outdoor melons. For now I will sit and wait, hopefully I wont get de motivated at least I know the weeds cant grow

Saturday, February 09, 2008

My Pics

Friday, February 08, 2008

I understand why people give up their plot!

Anyway I packed up a picnic took the kids and my sisters kid and the sun was shining, Hallelujia the weather was glorious....
The plot looked Ok better than I expected, strawberries still alive, asparagus dead and someone had broken into my shed AAAAARRRGGGH my lovely shed. Funniest thing they stole nothing and as they has bust the lock closed the door back up and put a brick there to stop the door flapping in the wind HA not so bad then just a broken lock.
I moved the strawberries into a permanent bed and low and behold the compost bin that has been eating my veg peelings all year had turned the sloppy smelly mess into brown crumbly compost with no smell. It was like a miracle I never believed that it would be like brown and dry and crumbly. I put it on two small beds and tidied up a bit.
The kids were really good and enjoyed it up there. I have got all my seeds together and feel ready to make a real go of it.
I have new neighbours with heavy machinery which is welcomed as the weeds surrounding me have halved now. I need a seat and a table to lunch on but I am very positive about the allotment again. Im so glad that I didnt give it up.
I feel fresh and exhausted from the digging although I nearly broke my wrist and bent my spade Ha. How hard was I working Eh. Anyway Im going to be a success this year and have some actual produce as 2007 was a disaster. Bring on the sunny nights as its been dark at 4pm here, I feel like today is the first day out of my hibernation

Friday, September 07, 2007

I have been so bad this year

I am totally awful and I planted all sorts of squash and salads and stuff and then the rains and the floods came. My potatoes and tomatoes got blight I became overwhelmed and now it is a jungle. I have even stored up my compost and haven't taken it up. There is a wasp nest next to my compost bin anyway and I darent tackle it.
This is about to change and next week I have set a target to go and do something about it.
I have been setting up a Fame academy to teach children how to sing in a workshop and it has been gruelling but so wonderful.
Thank you to the people who have commented I had no idea the comments were there as I have had to block so much with all the nasty sites that attack us innocent veg growers.
I will update with pictures soon but be warned they wont be pretty